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The necessity had long been felt. The will was there. What was required was only to get started. The patriotic feeling aroused by the sacrifice of the Indian soldiers at Kargil war, 1999 served as a catalyst to the process which was waiting to begin. Driven by the urge to return something to the country which nourished them, a few like minded young adults gave birth to DISHARI. DISHARI being a community based voluntary organization, organized several socio-cultural functions, exhibition cum sale. The money that was collected was donated to the army welfare fund at the Fort William, Kolkata. This endeavor created ripples of acknowledgement among the local people especially considering the fact that the average age group of the members was only 18!
Dishari flashed like a comet but soon vanished as the members had to persuade for respective educational qualifications.
DISHARI dissolved physically, but its spirit remained in existence only to reappear, after four years in different identity (guise). By this time, many other organization s named DISHARI had cropped up, so it was renamed ‘MARGAM’. But the underlined fact is that DISHARI and MARGAM are two different look of the same soul that lies within both of them with the same intensity.
‘MARGAM’ is originally a Sanskrit term which means ‘the way’. It seeks to facilitate the journey for a better tomorrow. It is the avenue to a new dawn.

Margam means ‘THE WAY’ ‘THE WAY FOR A BETTER DAY’ the day where there will be PEACE, FREEDOM and EQUALITY for all children.
Its true that ACTION SPEAKS, but before we act we need decide on the right ways. The Marga-Blog give you the space to brainstorm,
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"My best wishes to all the children of Margam . When I am at home I will think often of yours dances , poems and many more things."
from HERCULES Inc.
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MARGAM is community based organisation registered under Societies Registration Act 1961.
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