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“MARGAM children” are all of age group between 7 and 15. All of them come from economically backward families. Some of their father’s income is very nominal; even some of their father’s do not have any work. There are some families whose entire economic standard depends on their mother’s income, which hardly provides the entire family with two meals a day. Maximum of them work as domestic servants. But one thing that we find to be positive is the parent’s attitude as they understand the importance of education in their children’s life which they were deprived of at that age. The children are also amazingly responsive. During every interactive session we get astonished by their enthusiasm for participation and by the zeal of learning something new. Their parents have always co operated us and that resulted in making our work easier.

Margam means ‘THE WAY’ ‘THE WAY FOR A BETTER DAY’ the day where there will be PEACE, FREEDOM and EQUALITY for all children.
Its true that ACTION SPEAKS, but before we act we need decide on the right ways. The Marga-Blog give you the space to brainstorm,
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"My best wishes to all the children of Margam . When I am at home I will think often of yours dances , poems and many more things."
from HERCULES Inc.
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MARGAM is community based organisation registered under Societies Registration Act 1961.
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